One Year Retrospective

Time seems to fly by nowadays.  Just a year ago I picked up the truck camper and shortly thereafter headed to the Ochocos for the maiden voyage.  I was so excited I had to get an extended trip in, and with winter coming on decided that Death Valley would be the place to go before Christmas.

Marble Canyon


It was great 5 day trip and I can’t wait to get back.  There’s a lot to see there, to say I scratched the surface may be an overstatement.

Winter passed and before I knew it wildflowers were popping in the Columbia River Gorge.  Then came the trip to Alaska.  Wow, I’d seen the scenery, but the halibut and salmon are such a blast, I wish I could visit every year!

Tide Island Trophies
Tide Island Trophies


On to river float season, with trips down the Deschutes, John Day, Grande RondeMcKenzie and Klamath it was a good year on the water with over 200 river miles floated.

McKenzie River Oregon
McKenzie River Oregon

Summer fishing season on the lakes, particularly Odell, was very productive and we have our work cut out for us to clear out the freezer for next year’s fishing season.

Early Trolling at Odell


Fall led us to places in Oregon I hadn’t visited before, most notably the Owyhee.


I just chose a few highlights in the links above, you can check out the sidebar or timeline for a chronological list of posts.  It’s been a great year of exploration and travel with over 40 days in the camper and many miles of river and trail I think by all measurements it was a successful year documented here.  Now we launch off on our next trip south along the coast of California and I’m looking forward to putting several more pins in the map, seeing new country and creating a few new memories in the next couple weeks.

Onwards to the beach!
Onwards to the beach!





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