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Lava Cast Forest

This is a bit of a go-back in time but the day at the Lava Cast Forest was too impressive not to mention.  The Lava Cast Forest is a lava flow located in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument and it is actually casts of trees set in lava where trees were growing once upon a time when the most recent lava flow moved through the area many thousands of years ago.  It’s kind of like plaster of Paris with lava and trees.


We visited on a rainy Sunday and that was great as it not only moderated the hot summer temperatures but gave the prolific wildflowers a radiant glow.


It’s an easy walk on the paved trail through the forest.  With all the cast of prehistoric trees highlighted along the trail coupled with all the shrubs and wildflowers blooming along the way there are plenty of reasons to pause and appreciate the views and ponder the natural history of the area.




Before long you have spent so much time enjoying the scenery you start to think the end of the trail is around the bend, but it turns out you are only halfway.  We kept wandering and enjoying the views.  I hope you enjoy them too.




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