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One more post from the last trip before heading out for the next one.

One of the great things about being on the coast is watching the waves roll in.  Just like you can never step in the same river twice, no two waves are ever quite the same.  Sometimes they are spaced perfectly, but each one hits the beach with a different effect.  So I find myself always taking pictures of a similar place multiple times, since you can capture a different photo each time.  If you are a ways from the ocean, here’s something to transport you there, a wave series rolling in near Cape Arago, Oregon.


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2 thoughts on “Rollers

  1. Ed, Your photography shows me a man who is living a happy and rewarding life. Please continue on the road I talk about, the one less traveled. The shadow picture is a favorite.

  2. Sharing life with a modern day explorer is something that I always dreamed of. Your adventures take you to quiet and amazing places so full of color and life and I always want you to enjoy those moments. May the journey of your 4 wheel camper never end.

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