Goodbye Winter

It’s been a little quiet around here over the winter.  That’s not to say there’s been nothing going on.

Piggly Wiggly, the backyard squirrel has provided hours of viewing entertainment for one.

Piggly Wiggly Sucking Seeds from the Feeder

There was a bit of fishing on the coast.

Searching for Steelhead


The Smith

There was a stellar trip to the North Cascades in Washington for some skiing.

Skiing the Methow


Goat Creek Cabin

And there was plenty of snow to ski on and shovel here locally.

Snowy Ponderosa


Standing Watch

But, finally after a long hiatus I’m looking forward to the camper not being snowed in and getting out and about to see a few new sights.


Here’s to Spring….

One thought on “Goodbye Winter

  1. Love the photos Ed! I can almost smell the air in the “Snowy Ponderosa” photo.

    All the best,


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