Down the Wild Owyhee, 2017

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It’s been on the river list for years.  Finally the stars aligned, the flows held up and we were Owyhee bound.  We arrived at the put in about 1 a.m. to find an overflowing parking lot.  We found a spot off the road to spend the night and before we knew it the sun was up and it was time to get on the water.  We made our way through the usual antics and congestion that is the put in without too much pain and agony and got on the water. After the first few miles we started to get into the scenery.


Cape Lookout, 2017

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Spring has been a bit short on flowers and green to date with cold weather through most of April in the high desert.  If spring won’t come to you, you go to it.  So with that in mind we headed west, stopping in Corvallis for some fresh veggies at the farmers market and then on to the coast.  It seems like we’re still watching the snow melt and the farmers market in the valley was in full swing. We arrived at the coast by mid afternoon, enough time for a hike to the end of the Cape.