Wrapping up August and on to September!

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Yep, August is over.  Fire season means that we haven’t roamed to far but we have definitely been on the move.  Here’s a rundown. First up, a quick trip down the McKenzie River.  Our wonderful fair intruded into the weekend but we were able to get on the river Sunday and enjoy the clean, clear water, plenty of fish and a relaxing day.     Next up was the Trek For Tuna.  

Lava Cast Forest

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This is a bit of a go-back in time but the day at the Lava Cast Forest was too impressive not to mention.  The Lava Cast Forest is a lava flow located in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument and it is actually casts of trees set in lava where trees were growing once upon a time when the most recent lava flow moved through the area many thousands of years ago.  It’s kind of like plaster of Paris with lava and trees.  

Odell Limit

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The day finally came. A limit for two at Odell. I think I mentioned the limit here on the last post, but in case you missed it we’re looking for 25 fish per day per person. We got an early start at just after 5 and catching was pretty steady all day. We lost a bunch which prolonged the day a bit but that is the way kokanee fishing goes. We had our first limit (25) by about 8 but the bite slows considerably once the sun is on the water. It may have been the wind chop or the big algae bloom but the bite kept coming albeit a bit slower. We thought we had our 50. We started bagging and counting and came to 49 but in the next 5 minutes we had another and called it a day.     By 1 it was time for the […]